Intimidating shades why does my sister hate me

Contrast with Don't Fear the Reaper and Everybody Loves Zeus.See Historical Villain Upgrade for when this is applied to historical rather than mythological figures.Or were limited by time constraints and had to do something with what they had on the fly.To put it simply, this trope is invoked whenever an author takes an otherwise benign or at least neutral death-related deity and makes them evil for whatever reason.Beneath all her huffing and puffing, she’s still just a When you put your girlfriend over your knee and whup her ass, you’re using the appropriate amount of force for the situation.By placing her in a submissive position and punishing her in the same way a father punishes an unruly child, you’re her like a child.

Not his fault he drew the lot of being god of the dead... And since Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work, a god who brings death must be an evil one, right? Many religions throughout history have produced deities who rule over and/or represent some aspect of death (or destruction) and are not portrayed as being malicious. And then there is the whole Satan analogue; cultural myopia leads some in Christian-dominated America to expect that Hades is just the Greek version of the devil, when actually he's more of a cross between Saint Peter and God.

Her brain reboots and her desire to defy you is eliminated; her only thoughts will revolve around how to serve you better.

Additionally, if you spank her for specific infractions, you’ll gradually program her to stop doing things that displease you, in the same way a child learns why sticking a fork into an electrical outlet is not smart.

If she likes ” means “no.” An undisciplined girl is like an undisciplined child.

Without a man to lovingly correct her sins, she’ll keep on committing them, damning herself to a life of misery.

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