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I have found it completely unusable and until these issues have been fixed I have had to start using another Facebook app from a third party provider.It’s surprising that an app created by a company that evolved from their pure genius and coding skills could keep releasing updates of such poor quality.Here's what we know about the update and what small businesses can do to mitigate the damage and improve their Facebook marketing campaigns.[Facebook for Business: Everything You Need to Know] Facebook's News Feed algorithm change aims to give users "the right mix" of content based on their connections — friends, businesses, organizations, public figures and other types of accounts — [their] interests and what matters to them the most, the company wrote in its blog.This is all based on feedback the social network gathered from users to improve their News Feed experience.There are three parts to the update: For many businesses, the question is whether these changes will greatly impact their posts and Page performance.It’s awful.—————————Original: Says all in title, this i Pad has been out for 7 months now and you'd have thought an app like Facebook which is very popular would've upscaled the resolution by now, it’s obvious as the app looks blurry especially text. Sometimes you’ve gone off to find a link you were discussing. I run some groups, I find I can no longer browse them, it just sits there loading. Sometimes I get between two and ten items in my general feed, and it won’t load more...never used to.I’ve even sent this off as feedback in the app and have had no response, shocking. Is it even a legit Facebook development or some guy in his garage? Options like searching for members (I run groups as I said) isn’t there on i Pad, but is on i’s the same app!

For example, I'm still trying to figure out why Instagram doesn't have a good way to upload photos from the desktop or why Twitter makes it so hard to switch to desktop view on an i Pad or tablet.

I suppose that’s what happens when the creative geniuses responsible for the original innovation take on management roles and spend their time in corporate meetings and PR events whilst leaving the softwares in the hands of staff just their for a paycheque. I’ve been sending this review now for 5 updates, and this simple issue still hasn’t been fixed, and considering I’ve commented this on many other apps and the next update it is fixed...

The original Facebook team loved the ideology of Facebook and money took a backseat in decision making however unfortunately facebook has now morphed into an advertising platform where money and data collection seem to be the driving factor behind the lack of recent quality. I’m still writing this now and am clearly being ignored, disgraceful. There is no change or improvement to anything I can see in every update, why not update something useful like the whole app for i Pad? You come away from Facebook, and go’s forgot where you were and reloads.

Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability.

As new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the app I’ve always used the official Facebook app and have never experienced any issues until this last update.

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